Hi everyone,

Today we receive inspiration from the beautiful MOON energy.  The MOON guides us to feminine wisdom.  Do you realise how beautiful you are?  Do you realise how all your divine qualities can serve you – if only you would recognise them?  Hold them?  See them?  Give time to your divine feminine this weekend – feel beautiful, be beautiful, do beautiful things for yourself, share in beautiful moments.

The moon is filled with energies of love, compassion, wisdom, intuition, nurturing and understanding.  It is a very feminine energy that holds great wisdom to help us practise these qualities in our day to day to life.  During full moon periods, the moon energy can help us cleanse, clear and transition and raise our vibration to higher frequencies of love and wisdom.

Remember you can bask in the light of the moon, at any time, to cleanse your aura and re-energise your being.  The moon radiates all these beautiful, divine, feminine qualities for you to draw from when you feel tired, exhausted and burdened by too much responsibility.

Go within, shower yourself with love and compassion and ask your deepest, most feminine wisdom for the clarity and discernment you are seeking.

Be silent and listen.

Sending you beauty,