Hi everyone,

We had such a profound healing moment and guidance on Sunday Morning during our livestream video.

It is the moments in our lives that are important, it is the moments that we remember that bring feelings of love, peace, joy and yes, also regret, maybe guilt…what feelings are your moments bringing you?  Do you create moments in your life today that fill up your heart and soul?

Watch the video below to receive the guidance on how to heal, create and live beautiful MOMENTS.

The second video was our message for this week, and we received guidance on healing with the angels.  It resonated deeply with me and those watching.
(I edit the videos in two parts for ease of watching 😊)

The Angel of Manifestation, Clairsentience and our Guardian Angel are this week’s angels to ask for guidance and support as you continue to ask for what you need and continue to stay in faith and trust.   See the miracles are all around you, continue to have hope in your dreams and create meaningful connections with others.

As we have also received in the weekly healing video – our thoughts connect us with one another!

Watch below and receive the spiritual food and guidance to support you through this week.

Sending you moments of love and angels of blessings!