Hi everyone,

When last did you focus on miracles?  That they are indeed possible?  That you are on the receiving end of as many miracles as you wish for?

Just for today, return to believing like a child, have a sense of wonder, be grateful for every little thing, every big thing, open your eyes to the blessings and miracles surrounding you now and see how this can expand for you.

You are guided to believe in Miracles

You are guided to believe in miracles.  Miracles happen when we have not a shadow of doubt that they will happen, when we live as if we are about to receive a miracle at any moment. What you have asked for is on its way; believe this.  Even though it  might look impossible, turn your vibration and energy into RECEIVING your miracle now.  Act as if this is so. We are reminded of the energy of a child.  To the child nothing is impossible and the magical world of miracles truly does exist.  Speak to your inner child and ask him or her to guide your faith right now.  Step into the magical world of dreams and possibilities. Yes, you are worthy of miracles too.  If you look around you and  perceive that only others are receiving them, bless them, wish them happiness and know that all is one; therefore you have received the blessing too.  This feeling of gratitude will raise your vibration to receive.  Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. The Universe says “show me your vibration and I will show you miracles”.

Much love everybody, may you have a miracle filled week,