Good morning everybody,

How comforting it is to know that we all have a Guardian Angel by our side – to keep us safe, step in and help us with our prayers and thoughts, when we need a little patience, calm, inspiration and faith.  So many times, when one feels discouraged or alone or you don’t know who else and where to turn to, be assured that your Guardian Angel is standing by and with you.  All you need to do is have a conversation and become still.  Follow your heart and intuition for guidance and watch for the signs that your Guardian Angel is near.

I remember one evening in particular, after a lengthy conversation with my guardian angel, I was getting into bed and as I was leaning over to switch off the bedside lamp, a small white feather landed on my chest, out of nowhere!  I just smiled and said thank you.  On another morning, as I was getting ready for the day, looking for a pair of earrings to wear, I looked up and saw a small white feather on my earlobe!  Perhaps reminding me to listen I thought,  and had a good giggle at myself.  It is not only feathers that can be a sign that your Guardian Angel has listened and is on it.  It can also be music – the same tune playing over and over in your head, or a loved one on the other side’s favourite song being played at the exact moment that you thought of them or missed them!  Seeing a coin on the floor, wondering how it got there?

For me, the clearest sign is when a thought pops into my mind from nowhere!  I wasn’t even thinking about that specific situation and then, suddenly, I get an idea on it.  Or a totally new thought enters my mind that I never, ever thought of before!  This is how I know I am being guided.  Being late, stuck in a traffic jam or following a different route by mistake, are sometimes hidden blessings and signs of you being protected or guided.

Another sure sign is when friends, loved ones or neighbours show up, unexpectedly and offer their help – be sure to receive and say thank you. In the same way, you might have received recurring thoughts to phone or contact someone…act on this guidance as you will soon notice the synchronicity of events.

Just for today, start the conversation, Ask for help, no matter how small or big.  With trust and faith in your heart continue the day and see how solutions and answered prayers show up for you.  All you need is to ask and believe…

Wishing you surprise and love filled day!