Good morning everyone,

Grace, compassion, kindness – virtues we all need in our lives.  Often we are so hard on ourselves and other people yet when someone else shows kindness to you, or extends compassion during a time that you need the support and understanding, you will always remember the feeling of gratitude and love you experienced from that.

What will change in our lives if we have less expectations from another?  How will we see another if there is more understanding and less judgement?

Compassion for me is an act of unconditional love – it extends understanding with love, it creates harmony and allows for healing.  Archangel Zadkiel can assist us to understand challenging situations better, can soften hearts during harsh judgement and conflict.  I have learnt so much about bestowing grace – not only to others, but also to myself.  (and still learning this 😉)

Ask Archangel Zadkiel today to show you how grace, compassion and kindness can change a situation for you.  How, you may ask?

Once you have asked, move into listening mode, become still.  Set aside your own ideas and open your heart and inner ear to receive new thoughts of understanding about the situation.  Feel a flow of compassion rising in your heart, continue to be still, merely just receiving this Divine Presence and Love – then act upon the guidance you have received in your heart.

Wishing you harmony and love