Good afternoon everyone,

Today, a gentle reminder to give yourself permission to allow for more love, more peace, more harmony into your world.  Be a little kinder to yourself and let go off all the effort, struggle and healing work (resistance) that you think you must still do and move yourself gently to that place of allowance.  Rest, ask yourself” what can I do today that allows for more love and more peace into my world?”  Then, simply let it go.  Breathe in the present moment, breathe in the beautiful day, be where you are and your intuition will guide you to those thoughts, those ideas and those inspired actions that will expand love and peace for you today.  Do this for a few days….it brings so much healing and harmony!

Archangel Chamuel’s message ” I am here to assist you, allow me to ease your tension, alleviate your burdens and lift the fear and pain energy from your being.  Divine Love and Peace is all around you and I will assist to integrate these into your journey here and now”

Archangel Chamuel’s name means “He who sees God” and he is also known as the Angel of Love and Peace.  Protecting us from negative energies, healing from anxiety and fear and to allow us to see how we are connected to all that is, to Divine Love.  Ask Archangel Chamuel to help you find what you feel have lost on your journey.

Much love and Easter Blessings