Hi everybody,

Here is our message for the month of October 2018, from my ANNUAL ANGEL MESSAGES CALENDAR:

This month – Gifts of passion, opportunities and inspiration are on its way to you! Take the leap of faith, without knowing how, do something amazing!  Fill your life with wonder and adventures – you may be offered a new position or start your own business – or receive some great ideas! Follow up, take action and open yours arms wide to receive.  You have what you need and what it takes, be comfortable with receiving. Such a positive time for change!

The Angel of Nature, reminding us of our TRUE NATURE – abundance. Archangel Ariel also helps us with our material needs and resources – what we need in our daily life.  She also protects our earth, the animals and environmental matters.  She can assist you with the courage and confidence you need to move forward at this time.  Call upon Archangel Ariel and manifest what you need now.  Her message: “There is great strength in grace and kindness, and you are far stronger than you realise.  Be gentle on yourself, love all aspects of YOU”

Dear God and Archangel Ariel, help me to see myself through the eyes of love too.  Help me to see that everyone is a child of God and that as I learn to balance all aspects of myself, it allows me to in turn, see the good in others.  Thank you for my strength and courage, thank you for the gift of forgiveness.  I ask that you assist and provide me with………………………………… I now stand up in confidence and receive with gratitude the gifts, promotions, miracles and adventures.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. And so it is.  Amen.

Wishing you beautiful gifts and blessings of love, kindness, sharing, resources and whatever it is you need,
So much love