Sometimes we battle to make a decision – we don’t know which route to take, or we procrastinate because we don’t trust ourselves enough to make the decision.

We waste precious, love filled energy by delaying a decision.  The time spent on over-analysing only leads to more self-doubt.  We put so much pressure on ourselves.  Avoiding it altogether leaves us feeling disconnected with our own truth.  Love filled energy says:

“I love you, I love me, I reflect love out and I reflect love in and whatever path we take, may it be filled with love”

Make a decision today. Let your intentions be pure, compromise if your heart speaks to you to do so and follow your intuition.  It doesn’t matter whether you know the outcome (yet) or not, it doesn’t matter that it is the right or the wrong decision – it matters that you are brave enough to pose a solution, that you are willing to look at things from a different or temporary perspective.

You will feel so much better, you will move closer to the wisdom within you.  You will find support and collaboration that you might not have thought was possible in the first place.

Don’t put yourself under unnecessary stress and fatigue – wishing the problem will go away.  Remember Dear One, you are only being shown the love, wisdom and solution that is within you already.  Trust this.

I am sending you love and courage to make decisions that serve you today.