Hi everyone,

Today’s guidance is about opening your heart to love. If you are seeking new relationships, reach out and open your heart to love again. If you are already in an existing relationship, how amazing will it be to expand on the love and romance?

For me personally, this guidance is always a remember to look at the world and others through the eyes of love and it reminds to give love, it reminds me to also enjoy the things that make me happy and to be comfortable with loneliness, cause it is in this space that you learn to lean into who YOU are. To love and accept yourself and by doing so, you love and accept others.

Last night’s Facebook live was all about LOVE and you can watch the video
replay on Facebook here: (it will also be uploaded to my youtube channel later today),

Below, the card from my card deck, Whispered Guidance:

You are guided to open your heart to love

As you receive this card, know that your prayers and requests for a life
partner have been heard.  The Angels are working with you to manifest the
relationship you are seeking.  They know your heart’s desire for romance
and love.  Ask them to specifically help you with your love life and
accept their help. Be specific in what you desire and then trust Divine
Guidance and Divine Timing for the outcome. This help and guidance can come in many ways.

Be sure to accept invitations to social gatherings and follow your
intuition when it nudges you to go somewhere.  It is also a time where you
are guided to take self-care and love yourself by doing things you enjoy.
Perhaps it is enrolling in dance classes or going to gym, joining a book club
or art classes.  As you empower and enrich yourself, so you will attract
like-minded partners.

Once you have asked for the Angels’ help, follow their signs and guidance as they lead you to your life partner.

Wishing you so much love