For a moment, look up. Physically look up, change your body posture. Then feel the energy changing
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Our card for this day: You are guided to look up

When last did you look up to the sky? When last did you look straight ahead with hope, with quivering anticipation of what is to come? It seems you have been focusing so much on what is going on around you, your head and shoulders seem to be downward facing and contracted. Do you feel the tension in your upper back? Focus your attention on the present moment and notice your posture: notice the weight of your head and shoulders, notice the position of your chin and in this moment, right now, stretch out, relax those shoulders, lift your head up high and look up! Look at the vastness of the Universe, the magnitude of what is possible; it seems never ending. Instead of focusing too much on what is going wrong in your life and in the world, focus on what is possible and what is to come. Let the vibration of faith and truth expand into joy and gratitude. Know that, in this moment, everything is exactly the way it should be. Lift up your head, straighten your spine and look up to Heaven. Feel the hope. Look up and find your way to hope again.

Namaste beautiful Souls,