I was reminded this morning of how important it was to talk. Sometimes it is easy to assume what another person is going through or thinking.  We make silent assumptions when someone else may be behaving in a certain way and rarely make time for heartfelt conversation.

We hold back our truth to protect our hearts. We keep silent for a fear of judgement or being wrong.  We share the minimal of ourselves because we feel insecure and scared – for whatever the reason may be.

Part of the strength of vulnerability is opening up.  Take time to, not only share that part of you that longs to talk and share what is on your heart, but also to listen.  Initiate meaningful conversations with the intention to receive.  Receive the gift and value of another’s opinion, receive the gift of insight from another one’s heart.  Receive the peace of mind that honesty brings.  Receive the mutual love and respect that follow meaningful discussions.

When the intention to love, replaces the fear you carry, there will be less anger.  When you move out of judgement into understanding there will be harmony.

Wishing you a week of meaningful conversations and open hearts,
So much love