Morning everybody,

Have you been having good ideas lately?  Some of them loud and clear, like a huge aha moment, others so subtle, they come in when you are busy with other things, or whilst you are driving or taking a walk.

During these times, those ideas, thoughts and possible solutions is Divine Guidance, guiding you towards the actions that you need to take, which will lead to the outcome you have been praying about!

Take notes of these today, write them down or voice record your thoughts and ideas. Once you have taken the action, you will note how it leads to possiblities, new introductions and answered prayers.

Don’t allow fear and doubt to prevent you from taking action. What if it doesn’t work, you may ask?  What if it is a no? You wouldn’t know until you follow up, and once you have done so, you will feel more and more confident in your ability to follow Divine Guidance.  There is always flow, there are always yes’s and no’s, right and left – the point is, the journey will always lead you to the outcome you have been seeking.

Trust the process, keep the faith and follow up on those actions today,
Sending you so much love