Hi everyone,

Do you know why we get despondent about our dreams?  Because maybe you have stopped dreaming about it…

We usually start of eager, motivated, daydreaming and planning our days, believing that every single thing that happens, whilst we are working towards it, is contributing, in one or way or other, to it.  We eagerly anticipate good things, we see every small action as a step in the right direction.  Can you recall how this feels?  Yes, good vibes!

And then, as time goes by, and we perhaps get impatient with the results, the vision starts fading.  We may experience a setback or a challenge that throws us right back, into resistance of what dreams are all about.  Or, as we journey on, we lose our focus because our focus has only been on what has NOT happened yet. Sound familiar?  Low vibes.

No matter what happens, keep your dream alive.  Trust that the setbacks are all part of the story and how you see it, how you experience it, that is up to you.  Open your heart and mind to receive all the support and all the resources you need and trust that you will receive it, as and when you need it, at exactly the right time.  Keep your dream, refresh your vision, start daydreaming again and keep your focus on what is working in your favour, not what is against you.

Archangel Michael often guides us to be clear about our desires, and to focus upon it with unwavering faith.  Start your day with your vision in mind, believe that everything that will happen in your day will work with you in support of your dream.  Allow your challenges to guide you.  Be very clear about your intentions every day.  Stay aligned with it….if you want to bring it on, you have to dream it on!

Wishing you dreams, magic and joy!
So much love