Hi everyone,

There is so much going on, there is so much to do and it feels as if we are always working towards something – what about joy?

Joy is that one vibration that lifts us up, that invites hope back into our lives and help us to see the lighter side of life.  Our Guides often remind us to “laugh our way forward”.  It does not mean that we do not regard our learnings and journey as serious at times, it does mean however that we may experience laughter alongside our journey.  That you give yourself permission to have a good belly laugh at times and to know and trust that all is well in your world.

Perhaps give a wink or a smile to the Universe as you affirm “I know you have my back, we will get through this”.  When we laugh, when we experience joyful moments, we raise our vibration, our solar plexus opens up and our mind rests a bit.  More importantly, you are actually moving forward!  A step forward towards lightness brings newfound clarity, inspiration and a different way of looking at things.

Just for today, schedule a joy appointment with yourself.  Pick up the phone, call a friend and have a laugh.  Schedule a date with fun and invite your loved ones.

Joy brings strength, laughter can also bring learning and lightness into your BEINGNESS.
Lightness brings clarity
Wishing you so much love