Hi everyone,

This morning I was reminded about an article I wrote 2 years ago.  I wrote about recovering from a bout of flu, feeling fatigued and how, by listening to my body’s needs, I got up from bed, went for a walk and a while later ended up having the most joy filled day, treating myself to a hearty breakfast, taking time to read and be, no mobile phone on hand etc.

Funny that I should recall that article today as I am (again) in this moment recovering from 4 days in bed.  I smiled again and am reminded of my joy appointment.  It is an appointment with you, your body and life.  An appointment where you spontaneously do something that makes you joyful.  It can be so unplanned and start with one thing then spontaneously leading to another.  The main point being – ALLOWING yourself to go with joy.  Allowing yourself to start with something that, in this moment will lift your spirits.  And then, without hesitation, following life from there.  Yes, life.

We often forget to look at life around us.  We often forgot to allow life to show us joy, love, beauty, hope – simply because we have a completely different expectation from life based on our past (limiting) beliefs.  “Goodmorning life, I am opening up to receive joy from you today.  I am allowing myself to receive all that is good, joyful, hopeful, faith-filled and uplifting, today.”

Schedule a joy appointment for yourself – if you can, today still.  If not, maybe later in this week.  At the appointment time, follow your Intuition, follow your spontaneous twin and see what happens.  Don’t take your phone – simply be in the space of joy and allowance.  Life will indeed surprise you.

Wishing you a joy filled week
So much love