The best thing about being present in every moment is that you become aware of the signs from the Universe.  So many times, we may ask “send me a sign, show me if it is the best way forward for me”.  This is great, but what happens then is that we remain in our minds, we stay busy with our schedule, we keep on thinking about the future, or our request.

There are so many signs in the present moment!  A song playing in the background might just be lyrics you need today.  Conversations that seem to be the same topic over and over again, are you paying attention to what people are saying around you?  A coincidence, so brief, it almost felt too quick to mean anything….pay attention, be aware – and you will receive the sign you have asked for.

Just for today, don’t carry it all alone, don’t control the outcome.  Ask for guidance, ask your Angels and Spirit Helpers for their support and answers.  Then, be present, throughout the day – eyes, ears and heart wide open!

You will be amazed at the answers!