Good morning everyone,

As I was preparing for my day, I asked Archangel Gabriel what I can do today in support of my vibration and my goals.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all there is to do, and the responsibilities associated with that.  In silence I heard the words – patience, freedom, excitement, joy, wait – that was the one that made me pause – WAIT.

I waited in silence, I drew a card and the message GRATITUDE appeared.  I silently observed all my blessings, I moved into a deep sense of appreciation for my life and then my vibration connected with the word “MORE”.  “Thank you bring me MORE”  We are careful to ask for more due to past limiting beliefs associated with the word MORE.  (Don’t want to be selfish, don’t be greedy etc.)

The more there is to do, the more overwhelmed we get – this means MORE leads to expansion of the status quo.  The more we feel bad, the worse it becomes.  The more we feel MORE is not good, the MORE we receive the same vibration of limitation, lack.  I can go on and on about MORE….

Just for today, focus MORE on your current blessings.  Focus MORE on your dreams and desires.  Be OK to ask for MORE as the more we have received the more we give.  The more we give the more we receive.  Set yourself free and move into the expansion of the abundance that you ARE.  Being in gratitude for this will allow you to experience it MORE.

It feels like a MORE day doesn’t it? :)…More laughter, more awareness, more joy, more appreciation, more gratitude, more time, more flow, more movement and so it all flows with ease and grace – no matter how much there is to accomplish on this day.

Wishing you MORE
So Much Love