Receiving is a very important part of LOVE.

If you do not RECEIVE a salary, will you be able to PAY others? If you do not RECEIVE love and kindness, will you be able to PAY love and kindness?

in my practise, over and over again, I have heard these words “I am a giver, I like to give to others.  I do not like receiving, it makes me uncomfortable” Yet, deep down those clients came to see me in the first place because they are yearning for love, yearning to receive more from life than what they feel they have been dealt with thus far.

You see, when our finances run into overdraft, it means that there has been more expenditure than income.  We have been giving more than what we were receiving.  Similarly in love, when we give to the point of being selfless, to the point of disregarding ourselves or giving to ourselves (receiving), then the love bank account runs into an overdraft.

How do you feel when your bank account is in overdraft? We feel the same, in reality, when we do not receive the love we have given in return.  It works the same with giving to yourself, with allowing yourself to receive.

Open your arms wide to receive TODAY, allow your love bank to overflow with gifts, acts of kindness, small gestures and love from others.  Bask in the energy of receiving without feeling guilty! Why? Because in doing so, you are awarding someone else the opportunity to experience giving.  Isn’t this a great gift to give to someone else? Will this not make you feel as good as giving?

The truth is, the more you allow yourself to RECEIVE, the more you are opening up your heart and filling up your love bank.  Which in turn, allows you to give to others.   The more you allow yourself to receive, the more you are comfortable with vulnerability, with allowing others to show their love and kindness to you, it is the flow of the currency of Love.

The more you receive, the more you have to give.  The more you give, the more you have to receive.

Tip for the day:

Become comfortable with the small things.  When people buy you gifts or pay you compliments, accept graciously.  When others offer their help and support, receive this into your heart, receive with grace.  Start noticing how you RECEIVE daily, the small things  – which will help you to become / feel more comfortable with receiving in your own life.  Remember, it is the balance between giving and receiving that allows us to love unconditionally – ourselves and others.

Wishing you beautiful, receiving and giving moments,