Do you have an intention for this week? What would you like to achieve this week?  What can you change in your world to bring harmony in?
Write it down, speak it out and as reality unfolds for you in this week, make your decisions around the intention.

Today, I was guided to the card on BALANCE from my deck, Whispered Guidance:

You are guided to call on balance.

As the seasons come and go, as good and bad  enter and leave our lives, so is balance part of our lives.  There is always another side to one story, the yin and the yang, the seasons – all are in balance.  Why should we then not bring work and play into balance? Being in balance is not a question of making the time; it is restoring and aligning your energy. Balance is not a task; it is a form of energy that is restorative, renewing and healing.  Would you make time to see a health practitioner if  you are ill?  Would you make time do important work?  It is equally important to give yourself permission to invite balance in; to allow yourself to play, switch off, meditate and receive.  You are called to invite balance into all aspects of your life.  Receive as much as what you give.  Give as much as what you receive.  Say yes and say no.  Do and do not.  Bring every aspect into balance.  This situation that you are enquiring about must be in balance with every aspect of your being. Balance is neither negative nor the opposite of something – it merely is. Allow balance to be your teacher.

It is with intention that things change,