Good morning everybody,

Today we are guided to move into the heart of the matter.  When we do this, it means we look at what LOVE would do in this situation.  We look at the truth behind the surface in order to finally resolve the block or situation.  This we do, by no means to be either right or wrong, by no means of judgement – only with pure intent to understand.

The situation you are experiencing needs heart.  What do you feel, think, say and do from a heart perspective?  Yes, the mind indeed assists us with logic over emotions.  The mind assists us to organise and plan and do the inspired action we receive from the heart.  But we must move into that vulnerable space, into the heart of the matter, to understand, to receive, to let it go.  Then we move forward with all the knowledge, wisdom, gifts, talents and abilities we have.

Where you are today, be in the heart of it.  Even if the outcome is not there yet, be in the heart of where you are.  Whatever you may need to face, open your eyes, ears and divine understanding to the heart of the matter.


Sending you so much love

PS.  Please know that I am here as a mentor, guide and fellow journey traveller if you need to connect with someone.  I have mentored many along this path and if you would like a mentoring journey for your Spiritual Growth, please get in touch with me.  This is a one on one mentoring journey towards your own ascension during this time.