Dear Ones,

Inner Harmony can mean many things to many people, I feel in harmony with my world when………. …… and we will all have different variations of what we feel will bring about true harmony for us, being at peace with all that is.

For me, it is when judgement has been replaced with understanding, when guilt has been turned around into freedom, when I get it right to practise unconditonal love, and if I fail, knowing I can keep on practising being Love.

We speak about forgiveness and the importance thereof and we also know how, sometimes, it is so difficult to forgive and let it go.  We have heard many times how forgiveness sets us free, yet we often remain connected to the situation or person by cords of guilt, anger, resentment or judgement.

Mercy and grace are two of the most beautiful and healing virtues, it is underlined by Love and once we have been shown mercy, the beauty of grace lights us up, renew our lives and hearts and a beautiful smile and peace shines through!  Have you ever experienced this?

May we remind ourselves today to do and be the same for others, to let go of judgement, grudges, anger and resentment – be it towards another or towards life – allow the energy of forgiveness, mercy and grace to make you smile today.

“I forgive everyone, for everything, including myself”
“I am in gratitude for mercy and walk in grace”

From one Soul to another, I wish you peace and love,