Ask yourself this question:

What will happen if I fall in love with life? Fall in love with the events, people, stories unfolding for me?

Yes, I have experienced hardship, having no job, no money. Yes, I have experienced raising a child on my own. Yes, I have experienced failing miserably and starting again. During those times the last thing you feel is love!

What I have learned though, is that it is not so much anymore about what life throws at you, but our resistance to life that makes it more difficult to navigate our way through.

What I have learned is that, if we deal with life as if we would treat a newfound love, we see things very, very differently. The truth is being in love feels amazing! Being in love means we nurture, we care, we see the positives, we support, we make time, we enjoy moments. It becomes not so much about what we really do or receive when we are in love, it becomes about the vibration of experiencing the feelings associated with being in love.

It feels as if we can conquer the world, overcome any difficulty and embrace every single disappointment as an opportunity to learn from – it almost comes naturally when we are in love doesn’t it?

What will happen if we award the same to life? Understanding life, taking its hand and showering every situation and experience with all the positivity, support, encouragement and love that we possibly can?

The world becomes clear, when we are clear.
When we see love, support, understanding around us, we receive love, support and understanding.
When we resist less and accept more, healing happens.

Ask yourself today, what will happen if I fall in love with life all over again?