February Greetings everyone!

This morning I was reminded again of the power of love.  When you feel discouraged, demotivated or simply at a loss for words, allow yourself to feel LOVE.

Return to your first love.  Recall the love and passion you had for your work.  Do you remember how excited you were at the start?  Simply be and let the feelings of love return.

Confused about where to from here?  Simply allow love to bring the solution.  Simply be, open your heart and ask – if Love would guide me now, what would my next step be?

Waiting for that new opportunity or new adventure?  Simply be, move into acceptance of the present moment and affirm: “allowing love into every moment of every day will lead me to where I need to be”.

Infuse as many moments in the day with love. Love where you are now, love what you have now, love the new opportunities on its way to you, love the projects you are busy with and love the people – friends, loved ones, colleagues – in your life right now.

Remember how loved you are.
Immerse yourself into all the love that is in your heart.
Give all the love you can to someone who needs it.
Open your heart to receive love from others.

Today is a day to return to LOVE.

I wish you love, I wish you angel blessings