Goodmorning everybody,

Sometimes it is hard to see everyone as Love.  Especially when others don’t behave according to our expectations or, when we experience indifference or feel rejected or insecure because of what another did (or did not) do.

Very often we react based on the behaviour of others, our perception of the behaviour of others. In one moment, we can experience pure bliss, and in another deep sadness.  The gift of this is that we experience beautiful, true and raw emotions.  Emotions that can touch our Soul, allow us to experience vulnerability and ultimately move into a space of loving ourselves. We learn to love ourselves, understand our own behaviour.  Through this we realise what we value, what we stand for and our worth.  In time, we react less, and love more.

What would happen if we see beyond the behaviour?  What would happen if we see the vulnerability, if we look through the eyes of understanding? What would happen if see ourselves as Love, if we see everyone as Love before we react in each way? We will value ourselves, we will compromise less, we will stand up for who we are and be happy.  In turn we will value others, understand and not judge and become the best version of ourselves towards one another.

The more we grow in love and understanding for ourselves, through the gift of others, the more we grow in love and understanding of everyone else.

Just for today, move to that place of understanding and being what you are,
Wishing a day filled with love,