Can you remember being in love?
Can you remember the time you made for each other, the surprises, the flirting, the long discussions?
Can you remember that no matter what anybody said, you believed in that person, you embraced their weaknesses, understood their failures and held them in the highest regard?

So, is that how you feel about yourself?  Maybe the reason why we find self-love so difficult to do, is because we want to love ourselves once we are perfect, once we have worked on this or that, once we have overcome a specific challenge, once we are thin, once we are different?

True self love, comes from loving yourself, as you ARE, right NOW – with all your mistakes, regrets, choices, strengths, weaknesses, ups and downs – it is all YOU.

Just for today, believe in yourself as you did, for someone else, when you were in love.

I honour you, I honour me
I love you, I love me
I see you, I see me
I understand you, I understand me
I ……… you, I ……….. me

…continue the above list for yourself today…

Sending you wishes of happiness, love and beautiful moments.