Good Morning everyone,

You are guided to pay attention to your words.

The words followed by, “I AM” are the most Powerful words you can use to create your outcomes. “I AM” is the beginning of the Source of Light within you. “I AM” is the name of God.  These are the words used to express the activity and truth of Divine Intelligence and Creation.  When your thoughts, expressions, and words following “I AM” are negative, you move away from the light into doubt and fear and despair. You are a child of God, of an abundant Universe, created to receive in abundance and prosper!

The words “I AM” were given to you to ignite that source and power within you. Let go of the habit of drama and worry, let go of judgement and condemnation.  Let go of the need to compare good and bad.  Ignite the light of Oneness within you, so that others may see it too and focus on what you CAN do and be and who you truly ARE.  Affirm daily the positives following the words “I AM”.   Show gratitude for the light, say thank you to the powerful “I AM” presence, and be in awareness of  the words that follow when you say: “I AM……….”

Much love and blessings,