Morning everybody,

“I remain centred within myself at all times”  what a beautiful affirmation to start our day, our week.  It is often difficult to remain centred, to stay in balance and in harmony, or to feel strong and powerful in the presence of life and others.  We give our power and energy away to doubt, fear, anxiety and uncertainty.

We become centred when we value ourselves, our opinions and choices – trust that.
We become centred when we feel worthy to receive – give yourself permission.
We become centred when we are in our truth – be and speak that.
We become centred when we acknowledge who we truly are – honour it.

We become centred when we are grounded, we stand with both feet firmly on the ground, strengthen our spine, take a deep breath and say I AM.  Allow the energy of this process and the I AM to build your confidence, feel the love of the Universe rising up within your heart, you are held and supported.

Within you, there is presence, power, truth and love – at all times.

Much love