You are guided to choose to happiness… How do you do it when you don’t feel happy?

“I wish you happiness” – what powerful words to send and receive the energy of happiness to ourselves and to one another! You have the right to be happy, at all times, with all the decisions you are making for your life. Happiness need not be justified nor does it have to wait for circumstances and life events to change before we receive it into our lives. 

Happiness is a choice which can help you to rise above any situation.  Happiness can help you to view circumstances in a completely different light.  As you choose happiness, everything else will fall into place – perhaps very differently to what you have imagined. 

Wish people around you so much happiness that all of their joys, dreams and desires come true for them; when you do this,  happiness returns back to you.  The vibration of this choice is pure, energetic and joyful.

The Universe responds to this vibration. Sorrow drags us down, happiness raises us up. Which one will you choose?

Above From my card deck “Whispered Guidance”

I wish you happiness,