How do we serve?

Very often one thinks that being a healer, light worker or coach is the only way to truly support others.  Or perhaps something bigger, as setting up a volunteer center or ranch to rescue animals.  Indeed, so many people have beautiful dreams of shelters to serve, and yes, these dreams can indeed come true for you!

The feeling of reaching out, of being there for someone else, of lifting up another human being or rescuing an animal compares to no other feeling in the world – it is pure unconditional love.

However, you don’t have to “achieve” the accomplishments before you can reach out.  You don’t have to be a healer, coach or volunteer to be able to serve another.  Everywhere all around us, are always opportunities to lift another being up – how do we treat cashiers, petrol attendants, people we come into contact with? Do we smile at them too? Do we take time out to ask how their day is going for them? To wish them well?

Do we look out for our neighbour or take dog food to the nearest animal shelter?  Can we assist and take some time or task off a busy mommy’s hands?

There are so many opportunities every day to be purpose, to be love – as you do more of this, love will guide the way forward to the bigger things.

Trust today that the more you surround yourself with love, the more love will give back to you.

Wishing you all a beautiful week of giving and receiving.