You are guided to Love.

Love is powerful force.  It can regenerate, replenish, and replace any negative circumstance in your life. Love heals, forgives and is pure and unconditional. What is unconditional love? It comes from a place of no judgment and pure understanding.  When love reflects out of your being it is such a strong and powerful light that there is nothing that you feel judged by or wanting to judge.

Allow yourself and others the gift of “live and let live”; replace harsh energy and judgement with thoughts of compassion and love. The more love you give, the more love you will attract.  Simply ask for this love to emanate from your heart and  make contact with every person you meet, every situation you encounter. Imagine a huge megaphone in the centre of your heart chakra.  This megaphone represents pure love energy.

The volume is loud and emanates a colour of white and pink. Your heart speaks louder and louder through this megaphone; words, thoughts, feelings and energies of love is the language you hear.  Speak loudly through it – only words of love, compassion and understanding to the person or circumstance you wish to heal from, including yourself.

It gets louder and louder, the megaphone expanding bigger and bigger as your love resonates out into the world. You are loved and receive love.