Today is a day to express yourself!
Creativity does not necessarily mean arts and crafts only, you can also be very creative through the mind, brainstorming, writing, singing, music – how can you express yourself in the most creative way?

Sometimes we procrastinate because we feel we are stuck or there is a block – this can either be because we are overthinking something or we fear failure, that in some way the idea will be rejected or judged.  We judge or compare ourselves, placing so much pressure on ourselves.  When we do this, our innermost selves, our uniquess and true Spirit dampens.

Let your heart flow out on paper today, and even if only in draft form, draw, paint, sing, write and yes, maybe even turn up the volume and dance your way through the day – the more expressive you are, the more your Spirit lifts and you will find your way to get back on track and in flow again.

Sending you buckets filled with creativity, love and laughter today,

So much love