Hi everyone,

What a beautiful evening we experienced on a journey with Archangel Gabriel, healing and learning about our naval, sacral and root chakras.

If you are questioning purpose, feeling demotivated or fearful about the changes around you, then please watch this video.  As we move into understanding of how these energies support us, we find the strength and awareness to see things differently, to see the solution, opportunity or to believe in our dreams again!

Archangel Gabriel, known as the messenger, guides us in this session.  You can work with Archangel Gabriel when you need clarity (truth), insight into a new venture, changing careers or wanting to finish that book or painting/art work.  He is the Angel of purity and truth and for us, we need to be more aware of the light, being pure and truthful to ourselves – this IS where purpose is.

“A new understanding makes your future bright” is a message I once received from Archangel Gabriel and this is so, so true!  There is always a new way of seeing and experiencing life and if you allow yourself this, your new world opens.

The Messenger of God, a powerful Archangel, in the purest Light is here to guide you too. Draw spiritual energy from the root chakra up, be aware of all your feelings and move out of separation into connection – be it with yourself, with others, with purpose or with the Universe.

Sending you love, light and truth,
Enjoy the experience,