Hi everybody,

Today I was drawn to a message from Archangel Gabriel and it said: “You attract more blessings when you appreciate your current blessings”

it is true that we often forgot to look at our blessings.  We are grateful yes and we say our thank you’s.  But when last did you look at your blessings around you – now in the present moment.  Your family, your work, your car, your hobbies, your animals and YES, the opportunities you have, the ones that are on their way to you now.  Because we can say thank you for tomorrow, when we say thank you for the blessings we have and those that are to come, we erase our worries about the future.  Our focus is on the good, and the blessings and not on what we don’t have.

Gratitude is the magnet for healing, blessings andmiracles.  When we genuinely appreciate EVERYTHING around us, we are in the vibration of it to continue.  Gratitute ATTRACTS wonderful things into your life.  It is the opposite of complaining, it erases worry.

Everyday at 1 pm, I have an alarm that goes off on my phone.  It reads “POP UP THANK YOU” and it reminds me to stop, in the middle of my day, remember my blessings for this day and it brings a smile to my face and warmth in my heart.  You might think it odd that one needs a reminder to say thank you, LOL.  However, we get sidetracked easily, we default into the negative space and we forgot to LOOK AT OUR BLESSINGS, to look up at what we DO have and then we are reminded that gratitude opens doors and we feel better.

Open your heart to gratitude today, be grateful for what you currently have, what you have had in the past and what you will have in the future,

Just for today, I am so blessed by all of YOU, thank you for reading my emails, thank you for sharing my journey and thank you for tuning into my facebook live sessions, for being on my retreats and for your support and well wishes – I appreciate you!

Have a thankful Friday,
So much love