Life happens – at any point in time there are endings and beginnings, play and pause, opportunities and disappointments and we come through it all.  A very good friend of mine shared a quote with me from her dear Grandmother:

“I have died a thousand times and it has never killed me”

How profound is that?  There is nothing that you cannot see through to completion, nothing that is in vain and most certainly nothing that cannot turn from broken into something beautiful.

Yes, dream every day and imagine your life as how you would love it to unfold for you.
Yes, take the inspired actions, tackle that to-do list.
Rest, nap, laugh, take a vacation and allow LIFE to happen.

It is in this vibration that you come to love life, with all its facets, all its ups and downs, conquering what your soul came here to do.  And if you don’t know what that is yet?  Start where you are, with what you have, practising LOVE – your Soul knows the way from there…

Give yourself permission to just love life, one day at a time,
I am sending you SOUL Love