Life can be overwhelming.  Life can be physically draining and at times, maybe we feel we just want to give it all up – it is too hard!

You know what is absolutely astounding?  That we have a personal motivator, a personal Heavenly Coach that can get us back on track – Archangel Gabriel.

When you give something your undivided attention, it flourishes and it grows.  If we give love, time and attention to, for example, our children or our partner, then they shine, the relationship grows and the outcome is good.  In the same token, the same applies to your job, your challenges, your friendships and the challenges, the demotivation and the “struggle”.  It grows…when this happens it is time to create, to write, to paint, to let your creative side out to play!

Ask Archangel Gabriel today to assist you to look up, take the action and start creating.  Take action on those inspired ideas you have been receiving.  Give time, focus and love to your plans.  Be determined to plant the seeds of growth, water your life with beautiful thoughts and nurturing and see how you move forward. Do something today towards your dreams. One step.

Concerns fade away when the focus changes.
Sending you beautiful thoughts, ideas and love,