Just for today, know that the time, support, assistance, money or items you give to another leads to feeling abundant, grateful and humble.  This in turn attracts more gratitude, more abundance and prosperity in your own life.  It is true that the more we give the more we receive.  Giving with joy creates so much happiness, it fills your heart with love!

It is not WHAT you give, it is HOW you give – a heart filled with joy and genuine intention.
It is not WHAT you receive, it is HOW you receive – a heart filled with gratitude and love.

The vibration of how you flow with the feelings of giving and receive is what creates the flow of miracles in your own life.

Just for today, continue to support and assist those in need.  Just for today ask the Angels and your Guides how you can be of service to another, to the earth or to the animals and enjoy the Love!