From hereon in:

It can only get better
There is more than enough
Things are looking up
Opportunities are flowing in
New beginnings fill my life
There is more good to come
It shall pass
Love enters my life

From hereon in it can only get better.  Isn’t this a positive, affirming way to review life?  When challenges happen, when things go opposite to what we expect, when life throws a little curveball – do you affirm how bad everything is?  How things are just getting worse?

How about setting an intention, replacing the low vibration thoughts with one sentence “From hereon in it can only get better!”  All things start with how we think about them and recalling the bad in stead of the good.  Ask Archangel Jophiel today to guide you to positive thoughts and a different way of embracing life.

Wishing you better, wishing you more, wishing you silver linings,
Much love