Morning everybody,

So much has been said about forgiveness.  It sets us free, it prepares us for new beginnings and it heals hearts and bring peace.  This much is true!  Forgiveness truly clears the path and prepares you for a fresh new start!  Endings and beginnings are a beautiful part of life.  And I am not only referring to transtional endings – every end to every day is an opportunity to forgive.  Every beginning of every day an opportunity to begin with love.

Whether such love is towards your work, your clients, your husband/partner, or your children.  This is what forgiveness can bring – inner harmony.

Forgiveness ends judgement, confusion and anger – sometimes we hold on to resentment and anger for so long.  Yet, we do not know the path that is yet to be travelled – be it ourselves or another.  There is cause and effect for all actions but the outcome is not in our hands.  What is in our hands, what I can take responsibility for is the gifts, blessings and learnings on my journey.  What I can receive and give is forgiveness, understanding and love.

Just for today, be kind and in forgiveness with yourself, knowing that you do the best you can, with what you have. And in turn, pass forgiveness on to another knowing that you are free from anger and resentment.  As you do this, allow peace and harmony to fill you up, move into the energy of lovingkindness and let your heart smile.

St Mary Magdalene is a powerful Saint which teaches us about forgiveness and helps us to clear misconceptions and conflict.  Her journey on earth was all about forgiveness and being forgiven.  Ask her today to help you as you practise the energy of forgiveness.

Start your new day, your new week, your life, your dreams – being cleared inside and out, feeling new energy, believing in yourself and being free.

All of the above, the gifts that forgiveness bring,
Wishing you harmony,