Hi everyone

How are you all doing?

Please remember that I am on Facebook Live daily, with inspiration, angel messages, and guidance to ease into the flow and/or deal with the myriad of emotions we are all experiencing during this time.  If you are not on Facebook, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel here – where we upload the videos so that you can watch the replay’s when you feel you need some inspiration. Scroll through the many topics and find one that resonates with you.

Here is our message for this day to you.

Today we focus on FAITH!  I know it is sometimes difficult to believe in the unseen when the world around you seems to be falling apart.  Hold your vision of a healed planet, hold your vision of new beginnings and humanity receiving healing and abundance through this experience.  Start your day with this vision.  Hand over when it gets to a heavy load for you, and fall asleep, still believing and holding on to your vision.

Any guidance, insight, new ideas – yes!  Follow through with them, start creating – and allow the HOW to unfold when and how it should.  Trust the process.

Your Guardian’s Angel message (From the saints and angels deck.)

“Think of all the miracles you have experienced in your life so far. This card asks you to have faith that Heaven will continue to help and support you along the way. Your faith is a key factor right now, and it is important that you keep it strong.
Like the angel in this card’s painting, you are about to take a leap of faith. The message is that it is safe for you to make this leap – you are finally following your heart’s wisdom, and it will pay you unseen dividends.
The situation you are contemplating is the right path, provided that you keep the faith. Your steady optimism will attract the opportunities and support your needs, but any pessimism will push away or slow your progress.
Before you go to sleep each night, ask your guardian angel to clear away any fears that keep you from enjoying full faith. In the morning, you will notice your renewed and increased belief. Remember that with faith, all things are possible.”

Sending you faith and love