This week we have the FEELINGS CHALLENGE!  On our weekly message video we share a challenge of choosing high vibration feelings and leaning into them throughout the day.

My feeling for today is feeling GRATEFUL.   Today I am choosing to be grateful for who I am, for how I work and how I choose to conduct my life and my business – with integrity, honesty and faith.  I am so very grateful for all the people in my life who has supported us, believed in me and who encouraged and cheered me on.

I am grateful for all the miracles and blessings always and how we see the hand of the Divine in our lives, no matter what, we were (and will alwasy be) held.  To God and the Angels and my Guides, thank you, thank you, thank you!  I couldn’t have done any of this without You!

I am grateful for the gifts, talents and abilities I have as a mother, as a healer, as a coach, as an employee of many businesses during the course of my careers.  I am so very very grateful for our happy home by the ocean, for food and clothing – for the amazing young man my son is being.

Grateful to have been chosen as his mother and I will always honour that.

Today I say thank you to friends, family, clients and earthly angels who have helped us, stood by us and walked with us along the way.    The amazing thing about feeling grateful is, the more you allow yourself to embrace your journey and to see who and what made it possible, the more things you see and feel to add to the list!

What is the feeling you CHOOSE today?

With love and immense gratitude