Sometimes the only thing that holds us back from taking a risk, making a decision or follow our heart, is the fear of the unknown.  We are not sure how the outcome is going to play out, we are not sure if all will work out, will I be safe?  Will I be ok?

The truth is you create the outcome, what outcome are you seeing?  Your worry is unnecessary if you keep on focusing on the faith, on the positive things, keep your focus on the reasons why you want this…what beautiful and positive changes this decision can bring into your life.

Every minute of the day we create – we create outcomes by the thoughts we choose.  Release the guilt, the worry, the regret, the fear to the Angels and be firm in your decision.  Yes, this is what I am going to do.  Yes, this is going to work out for the highest good.  Yes, I focus on the outcome I desire.

Do this often during the day.  Imagine how everything will play out.  Focus on the outcome of abundance in this decision or change you are going through.  Feel how you are loved and supported all the way!

Just for today, tell yourself “I release my worry, it is totally unnecessary, I trust in the outcome I am creating.  I have all the support and love I need.  I am safe”

Ask for help and it shall be given to you.