Hi everyone,

faith and wings

As I was preparing for the weekly message, my heart stirred, and I felt I needed to share how the Angels can support us during this time.  They know so much about us and our dreams, our wishes and can be there in an instant to support us with these.

How does it work and how can I work with my Divine Project Team?  It is all in the video below – we combined our weekly message with guidance on how “your team” can assist you in making decisions, knowing when to collaborate and how to detox from a doubtful and worrisome mind.

Faith and Wings are your companions this week as you make the choices you need to make.  Do not let bumps in the road hinder your progress.  Faith (keep going) and Wings (calling in Angels) will lead to a change of heart.  A change of heart leads to a change of mind and this is where solutions and miracles happen.

When we let go (of worry, doubt, fear) and we forgive (acceptance of every soul that cross our path), we expand further into our ascension and light.  We realise that these acts of letting go, forgiveness, worry, fear etc. are no longer a struggle or an effort to overcome.  That, it is not important who is right and who is wrong, it is more important for it to become acts of compassion and grace.

Forgiveness and letting go is a vibration of grace, it extends compassion to another human soul.  What great gifts to extend to one another – gifts of compassion and grace.

This is Faith and Wings in action 😊

So much love