Hi everyone,

We shine at our brightest when our genuine feelings and thoughts come through.  It is true that we want to express the best of us, we feel shy and inferior when we feel that we are not good enough, not perfect, not capable.  It is then that we can also feel stuck, almost like writer’s block…. we just can’t get started or motivated again.

This morning I asked Archangel Gabriel “what shall I focus on today?”  and received the card below…allow yourself to be vulnerable, express your innermost feelings and see your strength through it.  Allow yourself to face that which make you uncomfortable so that you can grow.  Allow yourself to see the beauty and creativity within you as you move through this.

From Archangel Gabriel Card deck:  Express your Inner Truth

If you’ve been feeling creatively blocked, the message from this card will help you flow again. Begin by expressing exactly how you’re feeling right now. Write it, sing it, paint it, photograph it, dance it, or proclaim your inner truth in whatever way you like. When you begin with the truth of how you’re feeling in the moment, you unplug creative blocks.

Although you may feel vulnerable when you express your current emotions and thoughts, remember that this is a process that will lead you to new creative heights. You don’t have to reveal your embarrassing feelings to the public; however, you do need to express them to yourself in order to get to the place of authentic creativity.

Sending you flow and creativity today,
Much love