What I love most about working with the Earth Star Chakra with Archangel Sandalphon**, is that it is a powerful connection to Earth and Heaven.  While I feel grounded, I also feel connected to the Divine.

The Earth Star Chakra, for me, is our foundation.  The seeds of all our potential and purpose is planted here.  We are welcomed on Mother Earth and can feel worthy of standing firm, tall and strong in who we are and our truth. The Earth Star Chakra also holds all the energy of our body and is a powerful source for recharge!

Archangel Sandalphon brings for us such sacred, divine energy.  When you feel disconnected or unsupported, this Archangel can assist to strengthen that connection again for you.  Asking questions such as “what is my purpose?” or “what is the meaning of life?” brings us closer to the revelations and insight working with Archangel Sandalphon can bring to us.

Working with music, writing and listening to music is a powerful way to feel the connection with this Archangel and I remember a very important message I received once during a connection:  “Let your words carry harmony”.  We have to ask ourselves, if the words we speak, bring harmony and kindness to another – it is that energy of love in your voice, in how you say things, that makes the difference and brings harmony.

Combining energy work with the Earth Star Chakra and Archangel Sandalphon really brings connection, balance and rejuvenation.

How to know when you are not grounded or balanced?

Feeling lightheaded or dizzy and a feeling of physical clumsiness
Excessive forgetfulness or displacing items
Finding it hard to concentrate
Overall unwell feeling
Feeling spaced out

To help you feel grounded you can:

Walk barefoot outdoors
Burn sage
Meditate outdoors (I personally like lying flat on my back on the grass or beach sand 😊)

Here is a beautiful meditation you can do working with Archangel Sandalphon:

Either sitting with your feet firmly on the floor or ground, or lying flat, centre yourself and find a slow and relaxing breathing pattern that works for you.  Deep on the inhale, a pause, slow on the exhale and another pause before the next inhale and so on.

Ask Archangel Sandalphon to help you to connect with the earth, to open and activate your earth star chakra so that all the healing and light from the earth cleanse and balance your earth star chakra.  Image your feet being planted firmly on the ground, with the colours black, white and hematite grey becoming more and more visible as you connect with the earth.

Then, draw all the energy from your feet upwards, through your entire body, all the way up through the crown and even higher to the stellar gateway chakra.  As you connect with the heaven above, in turn, bring all the golden divine light energy back down, through the body, cleansing, revitalising and balancing as you move through and down the body, back to your feet, back to the earth star chakra.

Remain at the centre of the Earth, connect with Mother Earth, give thanks and gratitude.  At this time, you can also surrender any prayers or requests you may have and ask Archangel Sandalphon to deliver take your prayer and request to the Heavens.

Remain in stillness for a while, feeling grounded, centred, and held.  You are One with all that is – affirm:

“I am that I am”
“I am One and connected with all that is”
“I am”

**Archangel Sandalphon emanates the colour of turquoise and you can also use the Turquoise crystal or gemstone when wanting to strengthen your connection.   Playing an instrument or having sacred music in the background.

The replay is quite long but includes the session and the guided meditation.  Join us!   If you have any questions you can join our Sunday LIve on my Page and we will answer questions after our weekly message (Sunday Live, 9 am, every Sunday)