Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first Weekly Message Video for 2021.  We will do this year, one word at a time.  Every week we will focus on a vibration that can support, uplift, heal and grow you as you go.

AND, in this weekly video I was guided to assist some who joined in the Facebook Live to turn around the thoughts, feelings and situations that made them feel demotivated and fearful – such as sadness, anxiety, fear of the future and mind vs heart battles.

Please do watch this video and join in  – it is long but so worth it!  And so, we will, every week, do the same.  Together with the weekly message, we will receive a word and have a TURN IT AROUND SESSION!

This is how we do 2021 – with guidance, faith, hope and love.

I wish you compassion, I wish you kindness and most of all, I wish you God’s Light,
So much love,

PS: If you would like to join us live, and in the moment, tune in with us on my Facebook Page every Sunday Morning at 9 am.