Hello Everybody,

It is not what happens to you, it is what you DO about it and ALSO what you FEEL about it.  What you choose to feel about something, changes the way you think about it which changes your EXPERIENCE. Your experience of a situation or person will determine your ultimate outcome, your ultimate peace of mind.

When something happens, you can CHOOSE how you would like to feel about it.  You can tap into Divine Understanding of the situation, choose from a place of Wisdom as opposed to judgment, or simply just come from a different or alternative point of view – one you haven’t thought of before.  You can choose your feelings around any situation, person, challenge, or circumstance.

The minute you feel differently about something, you think differently about it, your experience of the entire situation is different, and ultimately your OUTCOME changes.

We often think we cannot do much about what is going on in our world, or with our own life circumstances at times.  You can however determine your own experience.   You can also try this with bigger world events or circumstances, or once you start feeling fearful or worried.  Choose to feel differently. Feel compassion, feel kindness, feel love, feel hope, feel faith. Your thoughts will soon change and you will respond differently. It can change your experience of how you BE in this world.  This journey is ultimately an EXPERIENCE of life.

Start with your own circle, with what is happening in your own life, with your loved ones, family and soon it will spread bigger and expand – light attracts light.

So much love,