Morning all,

What if today, all your prayers have been answered? How will that feel like?  Yes, that is exactly how you should feel knowing that your fears and worries have been taken care of.  This is how we can exercise faith and trust in knowing that we are always provided for.  Lock in this feeling, call it out more often, close your eyes throughout the day and feel how it will feel like if everything is on its way to you now…

Let go of thinking and worrying how it will come about.  God, Infinite Wisdom, takes care of all the details. Be open to receiving, say yes, say thank you – allow others to help you, start thinking of yourself as worthy and deserving of answered prayers and only the best.  You are a child of God and the Universe, and there is so much love for you!

Answered Prayers and miracles come through people and circumstances.  Believe today that you will be supported and taken care of.  Have faith and trust that blessings of abundance are on its way to you!

Take action where you think is necessary and leave the further details to God and the Angels. All your needs will be met, now and always,

Wishing you an abundant Tuesday,
So much love