Today’s message is a reminder for us to believe in ourselves.  Our deepest beliefs, about ourselves, about life, our values, starts deep within and radiates out.  It influences what we think, say and do.  Sometimes subtle, other times not so much, yet it is always there.

Take a moment today and truly give yourself permission to believe in your own worthiness, be open to the virtue of receiving, believe in the Divine within you and all around you, change the channel, if you will, to more positive and uplifting vibes in your own life.  If your eyes are fixed on the beauty, on the Divine within, on what is possible, on hope, you will start seeing more and more of the same.  Believe today in who you are, believe in miracles, believe that you are worthy of life and believe in your own abilities.

“I believe that unconditional love and miracles are my birthright, I believe that divine love and understanding overcome everything and I believe that I am always guided, supported and taken care of by God and the Angels.  I believe I am worthy to receive”  – write your own belief today too 😉

Here is the message from the card deck, Saints and Angels, for you today:

To heal and improve on this situation it is important for you to believe. Have faith in miracles, the power of God’s healing love, and the essential goodness within people. This is an important factor in determining the outcome of this situation.

St. Hildegard of Bingen demonstrated that to bring God’s message to the world, you must believe in yourself. You are qualified. You are ready and prepared. You can do it.

This saint overcame a tremendous self-doubt and became a multitalented author, musician, and healer. This was especially remarkable, considering that women in her era (1098-1179) were not expected to accomplish worldly deeds. Born the tenth child in her family, she was sent to live in a convent in order to reduce her parents’ financial burdens.

Hildegard began having spiritual visions as a young child, and she was eventually called upon to write books about them. She overcame tremendous self-doubt about her literary skills and later  wrote: “But although I heard and saw these things, because of doubt and low opinion of myself and because of diverse sayings of men, I refused for a long time to call to writs.” St. Hildegard is also known for orchestrating rich musical chants and for her two books on bringing about physical health by using items found in nature.”*