You are feeling optimistic and hopeful!  Your positive and optimistic outlook is keeping you cheerful and happy.  It is this same positive nature that attracts people and situations to you that is helpful and supportive towards your dreams.

Stay upbeat, see the positive in every situation and avoid people that drag you down or don’t believe in you and your dreams.

Your Guardian Angel knows your hopes, prayers and dreams and is urging you to see the new situations and opportunites around you as answers to your prayers. As reality unfolds for you, stay optimistic about your future.

If you expect the best out of life, you will receive such.

Archangel Jophiel can also assist you to:

To see the beautiful side of life, situations and yourself
Declutter your life, home and emotions to detach from that which no longer serves you
Always see the silver lining and fill your life with sunshine, love and support
Help you to do what you love and to love yourself more

Your optimism is serving you well, keep it up!

Wishing you joy and sun energy to spark up your life,