Goodmorning everyone,

Why is it that we struggle to believe in ourselves? Second guessing ourselves and procrastinating on decisions because of fear?

Fear to be wrong.

We so badly want to do what is right, the need for acceptance and recognition from others seem to be what proves our value and worth to ourselves.

Yes, it feels good to be loved by all. It feels amazing to receive recognition for a job well done. It feels purposeful to make only the right decisions. It feels good when we feel it was the right thing to do.

Doing the right thing, receiving recognition, feeling loved and accepted is not only valid when it comes from others though. Confidence is YOU doing YOU, doing the right thing that fills you with peace, accepting yourself for who you are NOW, recognising yourself for how far you’ve come already, making confident decisions because you are working from where you are, with the understanding you have now and trusting that whatever outcome presents itself, that you do have the ability to deal with things. You always have and you always will.

Fear to be wrong is stifling your creativity.
Fear to be wrong is crippling your inspiration.
Fear to be wrong is denting your self-esteem.
Fear to be wrong is halting your dreams.

Turn the fear to be wrong into acceptance of who you are and where you are at.
Turn the fear to be wrong into love, loving yourself enough to grant yourself the wisdom of experience and resourcefulness – which can only come from being “wrong” sometimes, allowing yourself to ask when you don’t know and allowing yourself to be patient with yourself, kinder towards yourself and giving yourself permission to “grow as you go”.

This is the I AM power within you.  I AM enough, I AM willing, I AM confident, I AM able, I AM ready, I AM strong, I AM knowledge, I AM soul…what are your I AM’s today that will make you feel more confident? 

Use them throughout the day.  Use them often.  Ask God to show you God within you.  Ask Archangel Michael to help you power up your self esteem and to support you to make decisions easier for yourself and to act upon the tasks and challenges that you fear. 

Once you have asked, take the first step and DO – you have Divine Support.

Wishing you confidence and love